Petite in Blue Suede Shoes & Brown Hat

Petite in Blue Suede Shoes & Brown Hat

Happy Tuesday! As someone who is petite at only 5 feet tall, I usually have a difficult time feeling confident when I wear flats. (It’s something I’m working on, trust me!) But there’s no doubt that when you are trying to keep up with a 5 year old boy, you’re on the run most of the times…literally. So my flats and I have become the best of friends. (My heels are jealous!) These blue suede driving shoes (which I want to call penny loafers, but more about that in a moment) are the perfect flat because they are certainly fun and fashionable all while keeping me comfortable for a day out with the family.

blue suede shoes

Why are these driving shoes and not penny loafers? Well, apprently it has to do with the sole of the shoe. Penny loafers have hard bottom soles while driving shoes have a soft rubber sole and are meant for you to feel comfortable while…well, driving. News to me!

brown floppy hat

Royal blue is such a great color and can be worn combined with cool colors (silver, white, purple) or warm colors like I have done here with a brown floppy hat (I love hats. Choose your own here!) and orange”y” saddle bag. And if you need a new blazer, go for blue. It makes you and everyone around you feel a bit brighter. Here I wanted to keep it casual and relaxed while still feeling polished and bright for the day!

saddle bag

Blue and Orange Outfit

Outfit :: J.Crew Blazer (similar), Graphic Tee and Hat (I love J.Crew!), Fossil Saddle Bag, BlankNYC Jeans, Cynthia Rowley Driving Shoes (similar),  All wardrobe pieces or similar here (jeans and shoes on super sale!)

Blue Blazer

So despite feeling short in my blue suede shoes, I’m happy to be comfortable and ready to run after my little guy wherever he goes. Thank you so much for reading! Stay golden!

xoxo, Jessica
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Celebrating Family and Culture with Vi and Va & a Giveaway WINNER!


This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Having recently been given the opportunity to explore and share my honest opinion of the Vi and Va dolls, I thought it was the perfect way to share my heritage with you and how the dolls would give any little girl the pride of sharing their heritage too. Now, I know what you’re thinking. What do dolls have anything to do with This Season’s Gold? Well, let me tell you it actually is very much in line with why I started this blog: To celebrate family (those here and gone) just as much as fashion, but most importantly to share all that helps me be better to inspire you from season to season with all the things I love (and hope you do too!).

I am a Latina and proud to be Puerto Rican.  I honor my heritage in all that I do.  When I learned of the Vi and Va doll line, I appreciated that a company like MGA Entertainment created these dolls to encourage role play (I’m a theatre teacher!) and being Latina (Why haven’t we had them all along?). It’s easy to see how little girls would love that Vi and Va are sisters, and along with their cousins Roxxi and Felicia would be able to celebrate the importance of family and experience the reflection of that in their own lives.

If I were to be able to buy dolls for my daughter when she grew up (how I wish I could!) I honestly would buy these dolls for two reasons: 1) They are really bright and colorful (fashionable too!)  for a young girl to love and 2) they are Latina! My house may be filled with more Legos and cars than dolls, but that doesn’t mean that I have not walked down that pretty pink aisle in Target (which happens to be where you can find these dolls for $16.99 each!) for all of my friends daughter’s on more than one occasion to obsess over what I would love to buy!


And speaking of inspiration, what I found most endearing about these dolls (and fully certified by the opinion of a 5 year old little girl who happens to be my son’s good friend) is their accessories. While each doll has their own look (Latina’s represent all different looks and the dolls are made well in this regard), they also have their own personal accessory that speaks to who they are. From a foodie (the younger sister Valentina and her empanadas), to a young passionate musician  (older sister Viviana and her blue guitar), to their cousins Roxxi, who loves to dance along with her radio and Felicia, the artist who has her own pretend paint palette. Along with the accessories and great hair (and lots of it!), I think these dolls are a wonderfully unique gift for a little girl’s birthday to imagine and play all the ways in which music and food are an integral part of the Latin culture. They even have a birthday collection set and styling head (I loved these growing up!) in their doll line. To learn more, visit their Website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

But the best part of all is inherent in the name as I think about what it would mean to continue to celebrate family and culture and that is ViVa! And to celebrate these dolls, I have a special GIVEAWAY of the Viviana Fashion Designer Doll for one of my readers! Giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Angela Sanchez!

Thank you for reading! xoxo, Jessica

533238EM 534662EM Vi and Va Fashion Designer Doll Viviana FW PKG L

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Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand. This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

On the Road with Stripes and Leopard

On the Road with Stripes and Leopard

Happy Sunday! Being able to share my love for fashion and actually be in the clothes on the blog has been a long road I’ve had to travel.  From losing baby weight after a loss (this takes on a whole new meaning!) to fitting in those skinny jeans (why do we do it to ourselves, ladies?), it was not easy. But here I am. And this look is quite symbolic for my current state of mind.

This Season's Gold // stripe top and leopard print

There are so many theories out there as to why stripes and leopard print is pleasing to the eye, and I’ve chalked it up to the basic rule that nature dictates what we wear. You’ve got the leopard and the zebra. One predator. One prey. In chase. And that’s exactly where I am now. Some days I’m very much the predator, taking advantage of all that I have going for me in life. On other days, the world is very much on my hide, chasing me down with moments that are forever different in the way I perceive them. But here I am.

This Season's Gold // Black and white stripes with leopard print

And in fashion, there’s nothing you can’t handle with a fierce pair of red suede pumps! So however you want to put it together, get yourself some stripes, some leopard print and something red (even if only the lips!) and go take on the world!

This Season's Gold // Leopard print clutch and red pumps

Outfit :: Ann Taylor Stripe Top (love this one!), J. Crew Vintage Jeans (mine are extra torn, but on sale!), Clare V. Leopard Clutch, Banana Republic Suede Pumps (similar!)

This Season's Gold // Stripes and red shoes

Photo Credit: My Mother

Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Jessica
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All in White and Shining Armor

All in White and Shining Armor

Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend! As a mom, there’s just never a good time to wear white nor should you ever think you’ll make it through the day without a mark. Yet, here I am all in white everything to make a point about fashion and healing. When I found myself on the deep end of grief, I couldn’t bear to think about color or anything bright in my wardrobe. I loved all things dark. I hid in the clothes (and the fact that it was winter helped!) and my black wardrobe took over. When I think back to working in the corporate world in New York City, wearing black was a uniform. You wore a black pencil skirt, blazer, and had a black handbag and shades which meant you were serious and meant business. You wore it like armor. But I’m here to tell you that wearing white and color is my new strength.

white clutch

I wear white to say Here I Am. I am bright and shiny and living.

white clutch

white booties

When you are going through the depths of darkness, just know you’ve still got the light to get you out! And as a mother, don’t be afraid to wear white (Save the pizza for another day!). Wear white as your armor, wear it as your statement piece, wear it to get out of the dark and move yourself from one season of your life to another.

mirrored shades and white shirt

Outfit :: Astr Drape Jacket (similar), J.Crew Jeans, Forever 21 T-Shirt, Nine West Heels, Francesca’s Clutch, Loft Mirrored Sunglasses (similar) All wardrobe or similar pieces here

Photo credit: My Mother

Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Jessica
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New York City view from the Top in Lights

New York City view from top of GWB

Happy Wednesday! One of the things that is great about living in the New York City area is that you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, and still find refuge in quieter places that give you a view of all the on-goings of those busy people down below living their lives. This park near the George Washington Bridge (with miraculously light traffic on this day!) overlooking upper Manhattan is that perfect place.

Spring pastels

I like how this outfit sizes up to the massive steel structure of bridge. With the movement of the pleated skirt and casual nature of the tank top, I found that the mixed textures of the pieces made this outfit feel edgy and modern while still being light and girly. A nod to the classics with a high bun and large sunglasses made me feel like an actress on location from one of those American Movie Classics from TV. Wait…did I just say that? It must be that this location itself was considered the”original Hollywood”  and where motion pictures were born. For real.

New York City view

spring accessories

I’ve been having fun with jewelry and I am particularly drawn to a few things that make me happy to wear as much jewelry as possible on any given day: 1) Gold! 2) Druzy (glittering effect of crystals over a colored mineral) seen here, and 3) jewelry that is born out of a desire and passion to serve others. Now I know that last reason is not something you really think about when you buy jewelry. But this pink disc bracelet is something that not only is beautiful and affordable, but also created by a teacher so that a portion of the sales create college scholarships for students. I couldn’t be happeir to shop as a result! Learn more at Shop Compliment!

Spring handbag

Outfit :: Loft Tank and Skirt here or similar, H&M coat similar here, Aldo handbag (on sale!!) here, 424 Fifth Suede Slingbacks (25% off!) here

Accessories :: Rings (not my diamond bands),  earrings, Fossil Watch, Druzy bracelet  here or similar and Pink Disc bracelet here

Photo credit: My Mother

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xoxo, Jessica
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