5 Reasons :: Why to wear a Scarf for Success

Wearing Scarves for Success

Now, I love a great scarf. As we speak, I have almost every color of those $5 pashmina scarves (you know the ones from the vendors in Soho or anywhere in Manthattan?) in my closet. Of course, there are a few that were a little bit more of an investment, but with good reason. Scarves are the perfect accessory to tie all the lose ends of your ensemble together.

But you may ask: Winter is over, so why should I still wear a scarf to work?  It seems that wearing a scarf is actually less about keeping warm and more about asserting yourself in the workplace. I recently was fascinated by a BBC online article about scarves being the new power symbol for women stating that a scarf gives more visibility to women in the workplace. (Trust me, I know it’s our instincts, brilliant minds, hard work, long hours, and multi-tasking selves-Moms!-that really makes us visible. But for a moment, let’s discuss fashion.) So in the spirit of sharing (as always), here are the 5 reasons why you should wear a scarf through the year.

Quote of the Day!

1. Scarves draw attention to your face and that’s where you want people to be looking when you are speaking, especially about anything of importance.

2. Wearing a bright colored scarf says that you are confident enough in yourself to wear that bright color. It also adds that pop of color to the often dark colored work ensemble.

3. You will look refined (choose fabric and color with purpose). I love that the brand consulting firm Managing Director at Corporate Class, Mirella Zanatta, in the article stated “One piece of clothing equals one word in a sentence. ” So I say get dressed  and use a scarf to be a whole be a paragraph!

4. The caliber of your work (whatever it may be; even SAHM’s work!) will improve. Yes, I said it. When you feel good, you do good. You also walk taller, get away from your desk/house more often (presumably because you want people to see your outfit…and scarf), and are more productive as a result.

5. It can be a great conversation piece. You know that person that always just passes you by and never says anything? Well, a scarf can be an icebreaker! Seriously. Whether you want to start the conversation or they do, wearing a great scarf moves people to speak to you-so choose wisely and have fun with it! Isn’t that was fashion is about? Fun!

So the next time you try wearing a scarf with a purpose, take a picture and share it with us on Instagram or Twitter (See “Stay Connected” on sidebar) We’d love to know how the day goes! I am enjoying meeting my new readers on social media! Thank you for reading!

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Styling Blue Blooming

Styling Blue Blooming

Happy First Day of Spring! Did you ever think that you could look to nature to decide what to wear? Probably not as much as you should. While I know there are several seasonal “go-to’s” that we are quick to want, no doubt motivated by the seasonally fabulous fashion shows held the previous season (therefore dictating what you find in the retail shops the following season!), we forget that nature is the best reference for our fashion color combinations. The blue hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers and butterflies hold a special place in my heart, but to see this color in nature is not as usual as you think. Quick, name 3 things you can think of that are blue in nature? (Oh, good. I really couldn’t. My first thought was blueberries. But let’s get back to fashion.) Since we are currently experiencing a snow event here in the Northeast on the first day of spring (rare, but not rare enough!), I decided to explore the less often true blue seen in nature with a little styling!

I absolutely love a blue blazer. I think all shades of blue work, but here a bright blue blazer from J. Crew (click here) works really well in the category of “must have’s” for spring. The warm brown tone of Fossil’s saddle bag (similar styles here) tempers the brightness of the cool blue suede shoes (similar here). Of course, any black and white shirt should be treated as a neutral, so consider it as such and have fun with it! Add cuffed jeans for a casual look and you’re good to go! Blouse: The Loft, Gold Hoops: J. Crew, Lipstick: MAC image As we cross our fingers for warmer days sooner than later, these silk scalloped-edged shorts (others here) look great on any shape because they have a loose fit and flare to them, and therefore the peplum top (old, Banana Republic) perfectly pairs well. Add a pair of heeled sandals (similar styles here) or any choice of heel height (metallic flats are pretty too), a crossbody bag (J. Crew, others here), and a few accessories and you’re off to a movie date or brunch with friends. Gold Watch: Fossil, Double Length Necklace: Anthropologie
image The window pane blouse is definitely in season and is having a moment this Spring.  Pairing this loose fitted blouse with a pleated skirt is perfect for work (and play). The red crossbody bag (Fossil here) and lipstick become the pop of color you need to keep the look classy, yet fun. Blouse: Loft (get it on sale!) , Skirt: J. Crew (similar here), Lipstick: MAC, Mother’s Nameplate Necklace: Pottery Barn Kids (click here) Go out there and have fun in blue (the brighter the better!) this season. You’ll be sure to have a golden moment when you do! Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Jessica
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Top 5 Things to Plan in Hawaii with Kids

Top 5 Things to Plan in Hawaii with Kids

Happy Wednesday! Ever go on vacation and immediately decide that you were moving there once you retired (or immediately!)? Hawaii is one of those places for me. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to visit and suddenly be engulfed by the scent of plumerias and orchids. It’s exquisite!

It’s one thing to travel to Hawaii for romance or adventure (I’ve done both!), but traveling with a little one makes Hawaii that much more magical to experience. With all that we planned for our trip, these are the top 5 things that made Hawaii with a 5 year old a great experience!

Disney Aulani Hawaii with kids

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Aulani in Hawaii with kids
1. Stay at Disney! The Disney Aulani Resort & Spa, that is. (Click here) Not only is it a hotel, but a water park and a beachfront property. Located on the southwest side of the island of Oahu (fly into Honolulu and drive about 40 minutes out), this resort celebrates the Hawaiian culture throughout its property while giving your little ones enough Disney magic (Character breakfasts, sightings throughout the day of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip ‘n Dale, and Stitch, snorkeling with reef fish in a self-contained lagoon, and even an interactive iPad to use to activate parts of the resort’s landscape throughout the property) to enjoy. It offers an amazing spa for you and your partner to enjoy while your little one can spend time cared for at Aunty’s Beachhouse (at first we weren’t sure, but soon realized it was the BEST idea ever!). You could spend day after day at the resort and never feel like you need to visit any other part of the island. (But you should!) Now, Hawaii in general can be costly, so staying at the resort is not something to choose lightly if you are seeking to find the best way to save. A better bet would be to stay for 3 or 4 nights and then head over to another part on the island of Oahu to finish the vacation. This would be a good way to save a little.

Chinaman's Hat in Hawaii with kids

Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii with Kids

2. Rent a car. It may seem like I am stating the obvious, but many people who are guests of Aulani choose to simply make the resort area their only place to visit. If it’s your first time in Oahu, then getting a car is a must, even if only for a few days. My husband and I discovered an amazing app (and highly functional, I might add) called Oahu Full Island GPS Driving Tour (Click here). Not only is the commentator funny (what kid doesn’t want to laugh?), but full of facts you may not get on a guided tour, where your time in one location wouldn’t be as flexible. It’s worth the $6.99. You can see the whole island (with quite a few stops along the way) in about 8 hours or choose to tour on two separate days. With the app, you are in full control of when and how long you stay in one location.

Dole Plantation in Hawaii with kids

Dole Plantation in Hawaii with Kids

3. Visit the Dole Plantation and Maze. If or no other reason than for the Pineapple Whip (creamy pineapple ice cream that’s so good each person needs to get their own!). The World’s Largest Maze is also a fun “should do” that your little ones who are walkers or older will enjoy.

Catamaran on Oahu, Hawaii with kids

Turtle in Ocean on Hawaii with Kids

Whale Watching in Hawaii with kids

4. If it’s whale, sea turtle, and dolphin watching (and even when it’s not) season, get yourself to a catamaran! Not only did we see whales and sea turtles (imagine the look on a kid’s face!), I got my 5 year old to jump into the open ocean, which is a memory we will cherish for a lifetime. The Aulani Resort and Spa easliy booked this excursion for us and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Don’t think you can do it with a baby? There were a few families on board with their 4 month old babies just to enjoy the view.

North Shore Surfing in winter in Hawaii with Kids

Walking on the beach in Hawaii with Kids

5. Visit as many beaches as possible! The surfing itself is spectacular to watch on the North Shore! During our app guided tour (see #2), we also learned about some of the lesser known beaches that we would have missed had we not used the app. Some of our favorites were Lanikai Beach, the lagoons at Ko’ Olina (where the Disney Resort is located), Pipeline & Waimea (for the surfing) and Kailua. But let’s face it, almost EVERY beach in Hawaii is amazing.

Using the GoPro in Hawaii with Kids

BONUS TIP: Bring a GoPro or some form of waterproof/underwater POV camera! Everyone has one, but that’s not why you should get one. The water experiences alone will allow you to have pictures and video that somehow make everything you do in Hawaii that much more beautiful and personal. It that even possible?

So there you have it! I could add so much more about our adventures together (Diamond Head, Honolulu, great restaurants for kids, and those to miss) and maybe there’ll be a Part Two. But for now, I’ll stop before I find myself packing my bags for that move! Thank you for reading!Aulani sunset in Hawaii with kids

Would you add anything else to this list? I know there is so much to do in Hawaii. Shaved ice, anyone? I’m always happy to learn more.

xoxo, Jessica
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All opinions are my own and this trip was not sponsored by any of the above mentioned companies.

Photos: S.E.L

Lucky Charms: Pink, Green and a Giveaway


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Today, I’m really excited to share my first GIVEAWAY of this gorgeous Charming Charlie necklace to one lucky person (rules below) in honor of my one week blog anniversary! While it’s only been 7 glorious days blogging, I have learned so much about what it means to open up and share insights and my love for all things, especially my family. Many of you personally contacted me to wish me luck and I am grateful for your words of encouragement and kindness. Thank you!


I absolutely LOVE this necklace. It is the perfect way to dress up the simplest white t-shirt or make a fabulous dress look even more fabulous, just in time for the Easter (or any other Spring celebration!) holiday. Take your average chambray button down and turn it into a dazzling part of your outfit. Charming Charlie has some of the nicest costume jewelry I’ve seen that is not only chic but affordable. You should check them out (Click here)!

And in the spirit of Spring, officially just 3 days away, here are some lovely looks that remind me of a blooming flower with pink on top and green (of course!) on bottom. Put these colors together and you will feel as if you have an extra spring in your step!  Thank you for reading!

imageTop:J.Crew Tee with Gold trim (here), Bottom: Asos Skirt (here), Shoes: Asos (here), Bracelet: from local Hawaiian shop, Lips: Lancome Juicy Tubes in Miracle (here)

imageTop: Ann Taylor (old), Bottom: J.Crew (other colors here), Shoes: Gucci (old), Skin Highlighters: Benefit High Beam (here) and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle (here)


Top: J.Crew (old), Bottom: J.Crew Pencil Skirt(other colors here, on sale!), Shoes: Christian Louboutin (here or similar here), Clutch: Ann Taylor(old, similar here), Lips: Estee Lauder in Pure Color Shimmer Pink Kiss (many colors here)



STEP 1. Click on Leave a Comment at the top of this post(under title). Then scroll way down to leave a comment telling me a little bit about yourself. I’d love to learn who my readers are. Your support means everything to me! Feel free to also share what types of posts you’d like to see in the future.


STEP 2. On Facebook (Click here), tag a friend on your status and like the page website,


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***One winner will be chosen at random. Winner will be announced on March 23rd at 5pm. You’ll receive your prize just in time for the Spring holidays.***

Good luck!

xoxo, Jessica
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Spring White?


It’s Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

The fashion rule of wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day has always seemed quite odd to me.  I mean, what little girl didn’t wear her white shoes with white bonnet and possibly even white gloves come Easter? Didn’t the Moms know white before Memorial Day was a fashion faux pas? Apparently not, since it didn’t seem to matter if you were under the age of 10. However, plenty of Moms do know that dressing their little girls in pretty white shoes with pink dresses is just too cute to pass up.

Now, I’m sure I’m breaking some etiquette rule somewhere by saying this, but wear white whenever you want! Of course, growing up in the Northeast, it made sense that we wouldn’t break out our lighter fabrics (when the white clothing would start to appear in stores) until it was warmer outside. But don’t be surprised if I suddenly bust out the white on an unusually warm Winter or Spring (climate change will do that!) day. Let’s face it, isn’t that why the fashion industy came up Winter White? See, even they break the rules.


I love this combination of white, black and a little pop of Essie’s Macks on the nails and toes. I also love a good pair of white jeans. J.Crew has a great selection of jeans that work well with my height.  Graphic tops (H&M, similar here) are fun and play well with dressier pieces, like these peep toe heels from Nine West. This leopard clutch from Clare Vivier plans to reappear often this season. It’s just so classy with almost any outfit you put together. I’m making it my neutral go-to.


While it can still be cool in the Spring evenings, wearing a jacket (this one from H&M) over an evening or cocktail dress (AQUA, similar here) is a must, so choose to wear one in style.  Wear a jacket that suits the entire outfit and mood of a crisp cool evening.  I love this simple collarless jacket that doesn’t take away attention from the dress. Add a clutch and pumps and you’re off!


White and gold can be a fun combination.  These heels are everything! Quite similar to Valentino’s Rockstud heels, these BCBGeneration pumps are just as nice but affordable. I am very picky as to which shoes will get the Louboutin treatment (spending a mini-fortune on a pair of shoes) and these didn’t quite make it. They were nice enough to find nonetheless. I love how the texture of this dress from Collective Concepts (old) compliments the shoes and clutch.

Enjoy playing with white this season! Thank you for reading!

What do you think about white before Memorial Day? Do you follow any “fashion rules”?

xoxo, Jessica
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