Getting Outdoors // Day Trip to Bushkill Falls, PA

Getting Outdoors // Day Trip to Bushkill Falls, PA

Happy May! Can you believe it? Summer is almost here, and I’m taking advantage of  the warm and sunny weekends to take a few day trips with my family – our most recent being to Bushkill Falls, PA. Mr. E and I got married outdoors, under a tent and near a barn with mountain views, so it’s no surprise one of our favorite ways to spend a weekend is a day trip with our son hiking up to a waterfall! If you’ve been following my Instastories, you know we’ve even been looking into purchasing an RV since we enjoy camping and the outdoors so much! We love to travel;  just look at some of our favorite places we’ve been – Greece, Montreal, Cape Cod (here, here and here), Hawaii, Walt Disney World, and Argentinaday trip to bushkill falls

day trip to bushkilll falls I’ve known of Bushkill Falls located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania since we visited several others in the area, but last week was my first time visiting the falls. Let me just say that I’ve been to Niagra Falls, and now I know why they call Bushkill Falls the Niagra Falls of Pennsylvania! The 100foot waterfall alone is stunning to see! You can get up close and actually feel the cool mist of the water splashing down as it rapidly descends from above while you walk along a wooden path and bridge. 

day trip to bushkill falls

day trip to bushkill falls

day trip to bushkill falls

day trip to bushkill falls There are different trails (green yellow, blue, red) you can hike depending on how much time you wish to spend there. The Green trail being the easiest with only a few steps but no climbing while the red trail is the most challenging at 2.5 miles long with several steps to climb and over 2 hours to hike. Overall, it’s important to remember you are hiking about 1200 feet above sea level, so before going it’s good to know what to wear and bring. I saw all people of all ages hiking, so it’s really about how you come ready for the hike. A plus? There are places to rest along the way – granted it may be on a large rock! And don’t be surprised if you see a creature or two along the way! 

Plan for a Day Trip to Bushkill Falls

Water Bottle

I forgot my water bottle in the car, which totally was not smart! But I was able to purchase one at the food store they have on site. Here are a few good ones that can keep your drink cool for the long hike!


You are not going to want to miss out on all the beautiful places to capture on camera! So be sure to have it fully charged before you head out the door! Now whether you use your heavy duty camera or just your phone, make sure to have a battery backup! With all the IG stories or snapchatting you’ll want to do, having a small backup charger will be a must! Some of my faves are lightweight and give you plenty of power to last the day!


If you have kids, they’ll love to have a pair of binoculars! There is so much to see, and it’s a great way to observe some of nature through a closer lens. The little ones love to feel like explorers, so it’s exciting to make it part of the hiking experience!

Dressing in Layers

No matter the weather, I know that having options on a long hike is so important. Dress in layers, so you have the option to warm yourself up in some of the cooler parts of the hike (seasonal) and when you feel warmer because your heart rate is slowly rising! See below for outfit details in “Shop the Feature”.

Sunscreen and Shades

You can’t forget to protect your skin and your eyes! Wear sunscreen, shades and a hat! The beauty of the waterfalls only makes me more aware of how important it is to take care of what is most natural to us – and that is our skin staying hydrated and protected from the harsh sun.

Comfortable shoes (that can get wet!)

You’re going to want to wear your best version of a hiking shoe! Clearly, I could have been more prepared and worn a better pair myself, so lesson learned. A great pair with a sole that grips works. I’ve recently invested in another pair for my next visit!  

Hope you enjoyed this photo story and tips for a lovely day trip out to Bushkill Falls! We’ll be traveling again soon and can’t wait to share our next adventure! 

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Where are you headed on your next vacation or even just next weekend? Let me know in the comments below. And if you want to see more of our travel adventures, let us know! Thank you so much for reading. 

Mamma Mia // Rustic Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Mamma Mia // Rustic Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Happy Wednesday! Last week, I had the pleasure of joining forces with some local NYC fashionista’s to enjoy an evening of rustic Italian cooking lessons with Mamma Mia wine! I shared a bit of the festivities on Facebook Live in 2 parts, so feel free to learn more about the brand there as well.

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Italian Cooking with Wine

As a Mom, I love to cook (luckily, so does my husband!) and when it’s time for us to wind down as grown-ups (without our little guy), we love a good bottle of wine. And when I’m out with my girlfriends, enjoying a glass is always a good idea too! That’s what this fun night was exactly all about. The benefit? Enjoying a rustic cooking lesson at Rustico Cooking, founded by famed chef and James Beard-nominated cookbook author, Micol Negrin.

With the holidays approaching, I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from the evening for some major decor, food and wine inspiration. If you’d like the recipes to these delicious dishes, simply drop your email here for our newsletter, and we’ll be sending a special one out very soon with all the details to our subscribers!

We started the evening with some white wine from Mamma Mia. Its crisp and floral notes definitely were the perfect start to our amuse-bouche and the start of the cooking lesson.

Mamma Mia White Wine

Our chef shared that we would be making everything from scratch, including pasta, which I was so thrilled to do! For our appetizer, we enjoyed a small dish of Tagliatelle with Two-Meat Ragu. It was so perfectly done (if I do say so myself!). It was such a joy to make the pasta from a basic flour and egg mix and see it through to the final plating for all of us to enjoy!

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Italian Cooking - Fresh Pasta

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Italian Cooking Lessons - Ragu

Italian Cooking - Rustic Table and Tasting

For our main course, we had Chicken Scaloppine with Lemon-White Wine Glaze. As our sides, we made Roasted String Beans with Sundried Tomatoes and Fresh Thyme along with Braised Chickpeas with Spinach and Chili.

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine
Italian Cooking with Wine

Italian Cooking Lessons

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

 With very few ingredients, we made Wine-Poached Fruit over Wine-Laced Mascarpone Mousse. Our dessert was simple, but perfectly ended the evening. Are you hungry yet? We definitely were and enjoyed the entire meal from beginning to end with Mamma Mia wines. The red was perfect for the dessert, as it was fruity and earthy.

Dessert Mis En Place

Italian Cooking - Wine

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

Italian Cooking Lessons with Wine

I loved all the kitchen tools we got to use, so I’m sharing them below as you start to plan your own menus for the upcoming holiday dinners! I know I’ll be making this entire meal again because I do love a great rustic Italian dish, wine, great company…and kitchen tools! What’s your favorite meal to cook and wine to drink? Let us know!

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Travel Diary Pt. 2 // Cape Cod Beach Stories

Travel Diary Pt. 2 // Cape Cod Beach Stories

August is such a great time for vacation and travel, but also a reminder of the Fall season to come. It’s the time of the year where for those of you who go to school, have children in school or work at a school know it’s the last hurrah before getting back to the grind. Our favorite place to go is the beach. We enjoy the serenity of the ocean and the slow pace of simply enjoying time with each other, especially when we travel to faraway beaches rather than those closest to us in New Jersey. We have so many beach stories we still talk about to this day, and it truly is the happiest of times we can recall. Our personal favorite are our Cape Cod beach stories! 

This Season's Gold // Travel Diary Ridgevale Beach

This Season's Gold // Travel Diary - Ridgevale Beach

Every year when we return to Cape Cod, we make it a habit of visiting two of our favorite beaches, Ridgevale Beach in Chatham and Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet. They are both gorgeous beaches for two very different reasons.

Ridgevale Beach is the perfect area for parents with young children. You can choose to sit on the side of the shallow inlet area, known as the “creek”, where children can look for crabs and interesting shell life, or on the beach side, where the waves gently roll (the sandbars are the result!) in with a view of chartered sailboats colorfully sailing in the distance.

This Season's Gold // Beach Stories Sail Regatta

This Season's Gold // Travel Diary Beach Stories - Ridgevale Beach

This Season's Gold // Ridgevale Beach

This Season's Gold // Ridgevale, MA Beach Stories

This Season's Gold // Ridgevale Beach Stories

This Season's Gold // Beach Stories Ridgevale Beach

This Season's Gold // Beach Stories Cape Cod - Ridgevale Beach

Cahoon Hollow Beach, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, is a beach with a bit of a younger crowd due in part to the rather steep sand dune you need to walk down to reach ocean. It is more challenging for someone who may have trouble walking a far distance or up a steep hill (going down is way easier!), so that is something to consider. We happen to love braving the walk every year and make it easier for ourselves with one of these carts filled with all of our stuff to make the trek down (ok, so it’s really my husband who deals with all of that!). The best part is to reward ourselves afterwards with a lunch at The Beachcomber at the top of the dune (also with easy access to parking for all of our stuff!). Note to self: Service can be a bit difficult to access on your phone, so don’t plan on any major Instagram posting or Snapchatting until after you’ve done the climb back up!) 

This Season's Gold // Cahoon Hallow Beach Stories

This Season's Gold // Cahoon Hallow Beach

This Season's Gold // Cahoon Hallow Beach Waves

This Season's Gold // Cahoon Hallow Beach, Wellfleet

This Season's Gold // Cape Cod Beach Stories

Thank you so much for reading! Are you headed anywhere right before the official start of the school year? What’s your favorite beach story?

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Travel Diary Pt.1 // Whale Watching in Cape Cod

Travel Diary Pt.1 // Whale Watching in Cape Cod

Whale watching in Cape Cod, Massachusetts! Those are the only words that truly explain our family experience on a recent trip out with the Dolphin Fleet  (Dolphin IX, to be exact) to witness the splendor of whales enjoying their day in their natural habitat. It wasn’t even an attempt at watching whales, or being excited for seeing a fin or a tail, but a full on experience of watching humpback whales slap the water repeatedly to remove the barnacles attached to them and another whale breach (jump straight out of the water) over and over again as if in a fit of joy and celebration as we stared in awe at the beauty that are these enormous creatures of delight and wonder.

Whale Watching//Provincetown, MA

Whale Watching//Dolphin Fleet Provincetown, MA


As a bit of advice, we did some research and learned that the Dolphin Fleet in Provincetown Harbor had the most informative crew (naturalists!) and best record of their guests seeing several whales (I am sure there are others) on their trips out. It was relatively inexpensive for a 3-hour tour (I know!), and we boarded the 1pm ride. Calm seas are sure to be something you’ll want to know ahead of time in the event that you are someone who gets ill on a boat, because even on calm seas the wake of another boat or all the passengers moving to one side of the boat to see a whale will rock the boat a bit. The entire tour is narrated by an informative naturalist, which made us appreciate the experience all the more, and if you don’t happen have the best camera or run out of space on your phone (as I did), they have a professional videographer record the entire tour/whale watch for you, which you can purchase upon returning to dock. 

Whale Watching// Whale Breach Provincetown, MA

Whale Watching// Whale Breach in Cape Cod

Whale Watching// Whale Breach Provincetown, MA

Whale Watching in Cape Cod, MA

I am not a whale expert in the least, but what I can speak to is the experience of seeing my son enjoy the moments, even at one point expressing how “awesome it is to experience nature like this”. That alone made the moment precious enough for us. See them in action on a recent Facebook post here, and feel free to like our page when you’re there! *wink* 

Hope you enjoy a part of our travel diary from our experience whale watching in Cape Cod. Have a great day!

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Ice Age // Going to the Movies with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ice Age // Going to the Movies with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Happy Friday! Friday’s are perfect for movie night, and we are headed to see Ice Age again! We are on vacation this week, and are having such a great time on the beach, whale-watching, mini-golfing, going to the movies, and all the great things you can do as a family when you visit Cape Cod! If you’ve been following us along on Snapchat (@thisseasonsgold), you’ve seen the amazing close-encounters with whales and more! I also hosted an event at a boutique in Chatham, and I can’t wait to share more about it when we get back!

As a start to my Learning Through Motherhood (LTM) series, I wanted to talk about going to the movies with my son. The movies are honestly one of the best ways to spend time with the family, and with the right movie, a wonderful learning experience for the little ones!

Recently, we were kindly invited to attend a private screening of Ice Age: Collision Course on behalf of Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama (she’s amazing!). A Blue Sky Studios production (20th Century Fox), Ice Age: Collision Course is the fifth installment of the Ice Age movie franchise. My son and I went to see the movie, which was great for a 6 year old, and had the honor of meeting and speaking with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist and the character voice of Neil deBuck Weseal in the movie. For a little boy who often asks questions about space and history (and everything really!), I could tell meeting Dr. Tyson was a moment in my son’s life that he will never forget. 

Ice Age with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Ice Age with Neil deGrasse Tyson

As a mother and theatre teacher, what I learned from the famed astrophysicist was something I least expected. After being asked by a young boy what he would be if not a astrophysicist, he answered “I’d write music for Broadway musicals”. And after hearing more about his connection to the arts, it was then that my belief  that science and the creative arts must co-exist for a strong education was reaffirmed, something that truly matters to me.

Ice Age Scrat character

American Museum of Natural History

We ended the day exploring two exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History, Dinosaurs Among Us and Dark Matter (Hayden Planetarium). It was such a lovely treat to spend the day together with my son, and both of us learning together. 

American Museum of Natural History - Dinosaurs Among Us

As I close out this first post of my new series, I’d liked to end with what I learned from this experience as I stated in my post here.

3 Things I Learned

Going to the movies with my son is my favorite experience, especially when I ask the questions “What was your favorite part of the movie?”, “Why do you think that character made that decision?”, and “Who was your favorite character and Why?”

Giving your child the opportunity to explore the world around them without stopping them from asking questions helps them grow intellectually!

We are really, really small on this planet in comparison to the rest of the universe! (Perspective for what really matters in life!)

2 Things I Found Interesting

Ice Age: Collision Course was a wonderful lesson in science while entertaining enough for me and my son to watch!

Being a scientist is being an adult who never grew up because it is about constantly asking questions as to WHY things happen the way they do. (Thanks Dr. Tyson!)

1 Question I still have

Do I let my son explore and make mistakes enough for him to learn from them on his own? (My lifelong question as a Mom!)

I hope you enjoyed this first share of my motherhood experience, and I’d love to know – what movies do you like to watch with your children or those in your family?

Thank you for reading, and thank you to Nellie for sharing this experience with us!

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