Trio // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine

Trio // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been enjoying warmer weather and time with my boys and family at the happiest of places (Disney, as I’m still a kid at heart!) for Mr. E’s birthday! I can’t wait to share details and travel ideas from this long weekend. It feels good to smile and just enjoy time bonding with the special people I love. I think about heaven often and how my joy is a representation of my angel’s wish for us to be well and together. We enjoyed our Valentine’s day cooking and dancing and catching some sun! And while I know that NYC right now is experiencing some major cold right now and NYFW is in full swing, I thought I’d share some warm details in some of my favorite colors – olive, navy, and wine (seen here too!).

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine 1

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine boots

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine 2

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine 3

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine 4

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine 5

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine 6

This Season's Gold // Styling Olive, Navy and Wine 7

Photos: The KP Life

Outfit // Banana Republic dress (similar) | Zara vest (love this in faux fur!) | Joie boots | Ralph Lauren bag | ASOS wrap (similar) | J.Crew belt 

Thank you for stopping by! How are you staying warm?

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New York Fashion // Layered & Strappy Suede

New York Fashion // Layered & Strappy Suede

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been missing a bit, trying to play catch up and get ready for the myriad of things that are happening in the next few weeks! From New York Fashion Week events, to a sunny escape from the city, and so much more; I haven’t had a chance to sit down to relax from getting stuff done! But now, I’m here and excited to share some style inspiration, some exciting news later this week (so stay tuned!) and so much more! New York Fashion street style For those of you following closely, this week is the Super Bowl of New York fashion, formerly known as Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, and now just New York Fashion Week! I feel so blessed to have been invited to some shows this year, but sadly I won’t be in New York! Ah! As a Christmas gift, I decided back in December that I wanted to take my son and husband away for a long weekend. It would be the perfect birthday for my husband and Valentine’s Day away with my two great loves! So, I won’t be attending any shows for most of the week, but happy that I am attending a few evening events to get the week started! At the end of the day, my family and our time to bond is most important; plus, there’s always September! Layered jacket and vest Lately, I’ve been experimenting with layering outerwear. Jackets and vests, ponchos and coats, a mix and match of everything. While colder days have returned to New York, wearing my leather jacket underneath my cozy sweater vest made it a fun way to create a new outerwear look. I draw my style inspiration mostly from my mood and where I feel I am growing towards. Dressing in layers is quite indicative of how I feel I am experiencing the world right now. At every turn, there is a new experience that adds a layer to how I view the world, and I am happy to embrace the good, the bad and surely quite prepared for the ugly. Layered Outwear I am enjoying wearing neutral colors, and seeing how that makes my usual colorful self feel!

Forever 21 Pink Floppy Hat

Strappy Suede Pumps

Pink Floppy Hat

Cozy New York Fashion Photos by The KP Life

Outfit // Michael Kors leather jacket (similar) | Loft vest | Ann Taylor jeans (similar) | Raye heels | Forever 21 hat | Asos wrap ( similar) | Deux Lux fringe clutch (similar)

Thank you for reading! Stay gold!

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Snow Day // Cozy Pompom Hat & Quilted Jacket

Snow Day // Cozy Pompom Hat & Quilted Jacket

Day 5, and we are slowly getting back to normal after digging out from the Blizzard 2016! Staying home with my little guy truly had us bonding in such great way. With schools closed for a snow day, we decided to play “school” and spent 3 hours as teacher and student doing a story circle, math, writing, science, reading and art! He packed his own snack for “school”, and we had “recess” playing in the snow!  It was so much fun!

With time outside in an abundance of snow, I was happy to break out my warm pompom hat and snow boots and do some digging of my own. I haven’t had a chance to wear my warmer hats and boots this season yet because it really hasn’t been too cold for them. And without any real snow before this storm, my winter accessories were getting pushed further back into my closet with the warm and snowless winter! Boy, how things changed in just a weekend!

This Season's Gold - SnowDay // Quilted Jacket with Faux Fur Collar

I love these fleece lined leggings! They are great for warmth and keeping the winter gear light. I actually appreciated how warm they kept me while digging out and getting hit by snowballs coming from behind a mountain of snow by this little guy!

This Season's Gold - Snow Day // Kids snow gear



Outfit // Zara quilted jacket (similar, love this version and for little girls too!) | Hue fleece lined (yes!) leggings | Canada Goose pompom hat | Uggs (similar waterproof style here and shorter version)

Boys Outfit // Crewcuts pompom hat | Alphabet scarf (similar) | Columbia Ski jacket (similar)

I’d love to know how were you affected by the Blizzard of 2016? I hope you were safe and able to dig out and enjoy a snow day. How do you make the most of your snow days at home, especially if you have little kids? Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

Stay golden!

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Snowstorm // Warm in Red Coat & Pink Earmuffs

Snowstorm // Warm in Red Coat & Pink Earmuffs

Happy Monday! While some of us are still digging out of this weekend’s monster snowstorm on the East Coast (I hope you are all safe and keeping warm if you are!), I know one thing…I can’t wait until Spring! I think we’ve wished ourselves snow so much since December, it decided to all come at once! Ha! It was fun to step out (literally a few steps!) to enjoy the fresh crisp air. I do love a great  red coat, and it’s always fun to mix red and pink together. Although I’m planning a fun Valentine’s Day weekend with my two great loves in much warmer weather, I wanted to share some great pieces that would make for a great relaxed look for that special day with the warm heart you happen to love!

Zara Red Coat

Red Heart Sweatshirt

Red Heart Gray Sweatshirt

Pink EarmuffsOutfit // Zara red coat (love this one too!)| H&M Love sweatshirt (under $10!) | Faux fur earmuffs (similar here) | ASOS plaid scarf (similar purple here and this pink faux fur here!) | Vince Camuto (similar)

Thank you for reading! Have a great week! And if you’d love to find out what this week’s newsletter was all about… find it right here! Enjoy!

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Travel Bug // Family Trip to Montreal

Travel Bug // Family Trip to Montreal

Shop the Feature // Loft coat (on sale!) | Ann Taylor sweater (on sale!)  | J.Crew toothpick jeans | J.Crew hat (similar) | Joie boots (on sale!) | Ralph Lauren Satchel (on sale!)| Keychain (similar) |

Here we are 2016! Happy to share my first post of the year  (I needed a few days to take it all in!) and talking about one of my loves…travel! Outside of the summer drive down to Florida as a kid, I didn’t do too much traveling until I was able to buy myself my own plane tickets! Soon after college, I started to travel more often, happily exploring places like Brussels and Paris on my own. A good part of my travels began when I became a personal assistant to Marc Anthony where we often jetted everywhere for concerts, video shoots, award shows, and charity functions.  I was on a plane almost every weekend, and I began to enjoy the craziness of it all. Of course, as in all things, life happens (happily!) but that didn’t stop my desire to travel. I feel so lucky to have been able to visit so many parts of the world, and still have a desire to visit many more! That’s why I chose to make travel (see Buenos Aires, Greece, Hawaii, Cape Cod) a part of what I share here on This Season’s Gold!

One of our most recent trips was a bit closer to home, but felt like an ocean away at a much needed time. Montreal is such a lovely city to visit. Right now they are experiencing some gorgeous snowfall, but our little family trip to Montreal for Thanksgiving 2015 (I shared some sneak peeks on my Instagram) was so lovely, and warm enough to walk around to shop (major bonus)! Hope you enjoy the photo journal!

Old Montreal horse carriage

Old Port of Montreal

3 Fat Ladies, Old Montreal

Espace Pepin Montreal shop

Montreal shop

Rue St. Catherine Montreal Shop

Street Art in Montreal

Walking through Rue St. Catherine (all the great shops!) and the streets of Old Montreal (more shops and gorgeous architecture!),  I was surprised how much it felt like walking around Tribeca or Soho in New York City. There was always something interesting to see and capture from different angles, which made taking photos for this trip such a joy.

Notre Dame Montreal

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral Montreal

Statue in Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

One place that felt beyond beautiful for words was the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal. Honestly, I wasn’t taking too much into account other than just appreciating the beauty of the interior of the church mostly because it was my daughter’s birthday, and I simply wanted to feel peaceful there.

Old Montreal street

Solmar Montreal

McGill University Montreal

La Baie Montreal

Pretty buildings and French speaking locals made me feel like I was a world away from home, even though the drive up North was only 7 hours from New York City. From large shops to the architecture of McGill University to quaint and interesting places off the main streets, one of the best parts traveling with Mr. E and my son is that they both like to explore as much as I do. We can’t wait until our next adventure!

Old Montreal Gate

Camel Coat

Shop the Feature // Loft coat (on sale!) | Ann Taylor sweater (on sale!)  | J.Crew toothpick jeans | J.Crew hat (similar) | Joie boots (on sale!) | Ralph Lauren Satchel (on sale!)| Keychain (similar) |

Our family trip to Montreal was definitely a highlight for us as we took time to reflect, enjoy the holiday, and most importantly each other. I will be sharing a Montreal guide to some of the best restaurants (my husband is a major foodie and is a top Yelp restuarant contributor!) and shops (I’m the fashion-obsessed one in the family as you can tell!) we enjoyed most in our next newsletter! We’d love if you would join!

Thank you for reading! Stay gold!
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