Jessica is a content creator, educator, theatre director, entreprenuer, and motivational speaker sharing all facets of a happy and fulfilled life through her eyes after the loss of her daughter while raising her son. This Season’s Gold is a space that celebrates making each day count through stories of personal strength, passion and inspiration in all facets of life - from style to beauty, motherhood and travel - sharing a part of her world to leave you with a bit of inspiration for yours. All are welcome!


Stress Free Style in Summer Dresses

What has been your go-to style this summer? For me, it’s been summer dresses for 3 reasons! One, I don’t have to think about a top and bottom. One dress, one style, done! Two, I…

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Something to Celebrate! Nordstrom Gift Giveaway

Happy almost August! So excited to celebrate a new month in this crazy year by gathering with a group of bloggers to gift one of you a $500 Gift Card to Nordstrom to take advantage…

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Plan To Explore Horseback Riding in Vernon, NJ

Do you recall the first time you’ve ever encountered a horse up close? Since I was very young, my Mom always had me riding horses. Back in the day, there was a stable in Jersey…

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Plan to Explore Peaceful Moments at NJ Garden

Have you been getting a chance to find peaceful moments in your day lately? How have you been handling the vast amount of news coming at you a mile a minute not knowing what tomorrow…

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