Finding the Best Classic White Button Down Shirt

The most classic outfit – whether casual or formal – can easily start with a white button down shirt. I have found that I am reaching for a white shirt more often these days to…

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Makeup Diaries: Tinted Moisturizers for Summer into Fall

Summer means less makeup and more glow – enter tinted moisturizers. You may have noticed that almost ever beauty brand has entered the tinted moisturizer game and there is one for every type of flawless finish.…

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Beauty Diaries: August Favorites

Back from two summer vacations and back at my desk getting ready for another school year. To say I am not ready would be an understatement, which is why I ended up to work one…

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July Wellness Guide

How have you been taking care of yourself? You’ve made it halfway through the year, and you are looking back at all that has happened and what you have accomplished as much as you are…

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Summer Cruise Packing List

If you find yourself here because you are planning your packing list for a summer cruise trip, you’ve come to the right place. I have taken 3 cruises already this year, and I have two…

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