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Quiz: Are you prepared to travel with your child?

what to pack for kids on plane

Remember the part of planning the vacation when you were so excited to press the purchase now button or say the words book it? The feeling of booking a trip far away or even just a few hours from home can be elating until that moment hits where the thought of  keeping those wonderful children of yours under control (no matter how well they behave, mine does too!) brings you back to reality. Let’s be honest: Although going away on vacation is thrilling, there’s just something about the planning, packing and unpacking (and packing and unpacking and putting it all away again!) that can put a small dent in the joy of it all. And I’m not talking about your own stuff.

Want to know if you are prepared for that trip? Take this quick quiz to find out! Have you…

__ Packed ziplock bags in all sizes (some left empty and most filled for the trip) for the various foods, wet swimsuits, lotions, crayons, wipes, garbage, etc., you will need for the kids

__ Made the rule “only a few small toys can come with us”, but allowed just one more. You know the one that is going to be a pain to pack but will give you an automatic win and keep your child in check if you threatened to take it away?

__ Packed an extra 2 pairs of everything because somehow kids have decided these days to wear their food (often!)

__ Bought a new toy for every hour of travel going (and planned on doing the same for the return) and wrapped it for the extra time opening it will use up (Ok, it’s also exciting.)

__ Created a trail mix of all the healthy snacks (and made one for yourself  but with the M&M’s)

__ Packed their favorite cereal and boxed milk (because you want to avoid the tantrum on the plane, in the hotel or restaurant if they didn’t have the one they liked)

__ Grabbed an extra bag for their own stuff that you would be able to find where you were going, but did it anyway just to be safe (pillow, bedside rail, utensils and bowls/plates in their size)

__Downloaded extra Apps and movies on your fully charged iPad and phone (and on the spouse’s phone) to go along with those new big headphones

__Became a germaphobe (if you weren’t one already) and bought sanitizing wipes to wipe down the airplane seats, table, and any other surface your child will touch (because at some point the fingers end up in mouth)

Oh wait, was this just my list? Well, just in case you checked off any less than 10, prepare now for what’s to come. I promise it will make traveling a whole lot easier  (or at least an official control freak like me!) when you’re a step ahead.

Share in Comments: Are there any other ways you prepare to travel with the kids? New ideas are always welcome!

Happy travels this season! Thank you for reading.

xoxo, Jessica
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