Easter Outfit for the Girl in My Dreams

What Would Ava Wear?

Happy Easter! As I took the time to set up the egg hunt and toys for my son last night, I found myself wondering what I would wear for Easter Sunday (fashion blogger requirement, I’m convinced). I ran through my closet in my head and figured I’d wait until morning to see what I was in the mood to wear. Then I went to sleep.

But this morning as I attempted to think about what I wanted to wear, what suddenly fell heavy on me (and does every second of my life) was what I couldn’t get my daughter to wear. She’s not here, you see. She’s walking among the clouds on this day. So what does a pretty little girl wear on Easter? Since this blog is my way of sharing all the things I would have shared with her, I  decided to brave the world of beautiful baby girl clothing to choose pieces of a wardrobe for her.

When I started to write this blog, I knew my goal was to make it successful enough to one day create a foundation in her name, honor her in all the ways I could by sharing what I love (my family, fashion and traveling) and give back to others. It’s what I teach my son everyday, and the high standard in which I hold my students accountable. I believe that even in the midst of our own troubles, we should seek ways to give back for that is the truest reward. I promise on this special day that as this space grows, I will honor and give back. Thank you for reading and sharing!

xoxo, Jessica


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