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This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions expressed are my own for a true account of my experience using the product.

My Sunday nights are usually reserved for all the fun beauty regimen’s I like to either try that are new or are tried and true to my weekly schedule. This week I was happy to receive a Moroccan Ghassoul Clay mask from Zakia’s Morocco to try out. The ghassoul clay powder (that you mix with water to create the mask) can be used as a face, body or hair mask. It doesn’t contain any PETs, mineral oils, or parabens, which I particularly like because it means less chemicals in my beauty routine. (I try to really keep that in mind when using face and hair products, but I’m not always the best at it!)

Now I’m not always so keen at trying new products for my face often, so I decided to try the hair mask option which comes with the instructions for use. The mask is meant to treat split ends and improve the health of your scalp, which I could use considering I’m still going through hair changes after giving birth. (Things no one ever tells you when you’re pregnant!)

Warning: This mask is not the most “good looking” product when you use it, but I can’t imagine any clay mask would look good. No one looks good in the process of trying to look good! Rollers, foil, plastic wrap. I could go on and on…


To create the mask using the powder, I simply added a few tablespoons of water to one tablespoon of powder which made a rather thick consistency. I wet my hair, applied the mask and waited about 5 minutes before jumping in the shower to rinse using my regular shampoo and conditioner. There wasn’t an immediate change to my scalp, but I will say that my hair did seem a bit shinier. I’m sure adding this to my Sunday night regimen over a week or two would really start to show a difference.

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Visit Zakia’s Morocco for more information and other great products! I particularly am interested in trying the 100% Pure Argan Oil.

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Thanks as always for reading! Have a great start to your week!

xoxo, Jessica
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    • Jess
      June 15, 2015 / 4:23 pm

      It’s pretty cool, just be prepared. It can get messy! xoxo, Jessica