Jessica is an actor, educator, theatre director, entreprenuer, and motivational speaker sharing all facets of a happy and fulfilled life through her eyes after the loss of her daughter while raising her son. This Season’s Gold is a space that celebrates making each day count through stories of personal strength, passion and inspiration in all facets of life - from style to beauty, motherhood and travel - sharing a part of her world to leave you with a bit of inspiration for yours. All are welcome!



Plan to Explore Peaceful Moments at NJ Garden

Have you been getting a chance to find peaceful moments in your day lately? How have you been handling the vast amount of news coming at you a mile a minute not knowing what tomorrow…

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Comfy and Chic Summer Style

Summer during a pandemic is something 1) I never thought I’d type out and 2) didn’t realize would affect how I think about style for the season. If you’ve been following me for awhile on…

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Plan to Explore Kayaking on the Hudson River

Ever think about kayaking on the Hudson River? I hadn’t either, to be honest. But then having grown up with the New York City view at my doorstep, how could I not make it part…

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6 Stylish One-Piece Swimsuit Styles for Moms

Ever since I had my son, and then daughter, I’ve been a fan of one-piece swimsuit styles. What mom has not thought that right after giving birth, am I right? I will completely admit that…

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