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Renewed in Bright Blue and Textured Skirt

My closet doesn’t have too much in the way of blue other than jeans, but I am trying to push outside my comfort zone more often (on so  many levels in my life right now!). I want to explore it’s potential in my wardrobe among my usual outfit colors like pink and red. So with blue Steve Madden suede heels and blue J.Crew mini cross-body bag (similar here) in hand, I wanted to take a little visit to the views of downtown Manhattan and the Freedom Tower.

bright blue heels

One thing is for sure, I do love a great midi-skirt that not only fits well and has a great waistline, but has pockets! I’m convinced all skirts should have pockets. Why this is not a basic fashion rule? (hint!) And what is better than pockets on a skirt? Texture! Skirts are the perfect Spring season look, but having a textured skirt gives a special quality and element of a strong exterior to your outfit, like this one from Asos (similar here). Even the waistband has a superhero quality.

blue heels

There is so much story to share about what I feel being across from the Freedom Tower (future post), but what I will say is that the feeling of renewal comes to mind. Renewed hope, renewed spirit and renewed strength. Everyday I strive for those experiences from minute to minute because so many days can be rather hard to get through.  Yet it should always be a goal to stand tall, strong and steely for those around you, but most importantly for yourself.

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xoxo, Jessica
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