Comfy and Chic Summer Style

green summer joggers

Summer during a pandemic is something 1) I never thought I’d type out and 2) didn’t realize would affect how I think about style for the season. If you’ve been following me for awhile on Instagram, you’d know that past summers were filled with high heels and trendy pieces that made dressing up for summer so much fun. And while I still love dressing up for summer, I am taking a more comfy and chic approach to my style since I really am not going out as much as I used to. Enter, easy slide on sandals that make morning walks easy, lightweight joggers that don’t make you break a sweat, straw hats that keep the sun out fo your face, and tank tops that keep your basics in check.

summer comfy and chic outfit

comfy and chic summer outfit

summer sandals for walking

chic summer outfit

Hope you get some time outdoors this summer, even if only to your front door, which would make this perfect cozy and chic style perfect for you. How are you staying comfy and chic this summer?